Friday, July 30, 2010

Starting to Understand Social Media

Starting off, we'd like to share this document. Simply put, it's a rough service outline. Is the wording perfect? No. Is the tone always correct? No. This is the copy that I wrote as a rough proposal when I wanted to break g3nius Social Media Consulting into it's own company.

After attending literally dozens of these so-called "Social Media - How to Expand Your Business" conferences and Seminars, I realized I had more to offer in this space; this was two years ago. Now, I figure it's time to pass some of that knowledge on!

What can you get from this document? Well, read it and find out! I promise it's not super sales-y - it's almost more of a whitepaper (maybe I'll do some editing and turn it into that, what do you think?). Ciao for now.

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