Thursday, August 19, 2010

How to Measure Social Media ROI ((tag: Social Media, g3nius, Social Media Management, Social Networking,g3nius Social Media Consulting, Social Media Consulting, Gabriel Gonzalez, brand management, brand exposure, brand tracking, tracking, social media too

As with any industry, the "boys on top" always want to know just three things:

1. What's it going to cost?
2. How do we implement it?
3. How do we measure returns (and what returns we can expect)?

When it comes to Social Media, we find that 90% of the time Marketing Managers and PR Executives have no idea how to answer any of them. It's not so shocking, really; when they went through college and/or got experience in their field it was a different time. Don't blame them, "just keep reading."

Gabriel Gonzalez, CEO & Founder of g3nius Social Media Consulting is here to help you guys, out! In this video Gabriel outlines 11 [mostly] free tools for taking a "current snapshot" of your brand/company exposure and then tracking and measuring your Social Media campaign. We have provided the links below for your convenience. Enjoy =).

Gabriel Gonzalez
g3nius Social Media Consulting

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