Monday, August 16, 2010

News - Gabriel Gonzalez to be at GSMI's SMSS!

CEO of g3nius-SMC to hold 3-hour workshop at Social Media Strategies Summit

GSMI's ( Social Media Strategies Summit is a 3-day event that focuses on how companies can use Social Media to drive profits. Gabriel Gonzalez, CEO & Founder of g3nius-SMC (, is scheduled to give a 3-hour workshop to explain the "nuts and bolts" of tactically using Social Media in this new age.

The topic of Social Media has become very popular over the past several years. Much like the Search Engine Optimization boom, there are many companies and organizations, as well as a plethora of online content, devoted to being first in line when potential clients come running for help. Also much like the SEO rush, many companies feel that Social Media was either a fad or did not provide enough value to devote much needed resources toward. This outlook is slowing changing - the general opinion moving from "optional" to "MUST HAVE."

In hopes of providing some light at the end of the Social Media "tunnel," the Global Strategic Management Institute is holding the Social Media Strategies Summit - "with in-depth case studies from the nuts and bolts, to microblogging and maintaining online communities - you will leave with a refreshed vision to take your marketing plan to the next level for 2010 and beyond"

Gabriel Gonzalez of g3nius Social Media Consulting will be leading the "Nuts and Bolts" workshop on the first day of the conference (September 15, 2010). The workshop starts at 1:00pm Pacific and will run approximately three hours. The outline of the workshop is explained below:

Look at the leading businesses today and you will find them using Twitter, Facebook groups, blogs and online discussion forums. It is very easy for anyone to set up these accounts. However, once activated, how do you take it to the max? This workshop will take the attendee through a review of results form business case studies in which they took companies and lead them through successful social media strategies. Specific highlights of this workshop include:

  • Distinguish what social media tools are necessary for business success
  • Learn how to measure success within your own company when utilizing social media strategies
  • Identify tools and guidelines for launching a social media campaign

In addition, Gabriel will wrap up by giving describing a list of "Must Ask" questions for use when choosing your Social Media Consultant - these will prove invaluable to anyone who is looking to move their business into this space but is not yet ready to devote in-house resources.

About g3nius-SMC - g3nius Social Media Consulting is a bleeding edge provider of Social Media Optimization Services - dynamically consulting on clients' Social Media and online marketing campaigns to drive new business using the power of Web 2.0 technologies.

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